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Blackstrap Cove

Double Cask Single Malt Whisky

Blackstrap Cove, hidden away on the Mediterranean coast of the Rock of Gibraltar, was an infamous landing point for contraband whisky, rums, tobacco and wine. Sailing ships seeking to trade with the UK, northern Europe and the New World often had to wait weeks for an easterly “Levante” wind, required to successfully navigate the narrow Strait of Gibraltar. While waiting at anchor, east of the Rock, the ships’ predicament became known as being “Blackstrapped” and the sailors, while waiting for the wind to change, were notorious for off-loading contraband cargo to Blackstrap Cove.

For over 50 years 18th century Barbary Pirates and then the Spanish and French Fleets’ had a stranglehold over the Straits of Gibraltar, effectively rendering the Mediterranean sea “closed” to British trade. In 1798 this all changed when Captain Horatio Nelson left Gibraltar to pass the straits and hunt down Napoleon’s fleet. Early success at the battle of The Nile was followed with Nelson emerging victorious a few years later at The Battle of Trafalgar.

With open seas, Gibraltar soon flourished as an international trading post and merchants from Genoa, Portugal, Spain and Britain settled on the “Rock”, made it their home, and traded goods around the world. Pedro Ximenez wines from Malaga and sherries from Jerez travelled in their native casks to England and Scotland and the Scots used their well- flavoured barrels for the maturation and improvement of their earliest of malt whiskies. Thus was born today’s industry- wide practice of maturing the finest of Scotland’s Malt whisky in Spanish sherry casks.


Gibraltar Gin Distillery Tours - Gibraltar Distillery Co
Gibraltar Gin Distillery Tours - Gibraltar Distillery Co

Tasting Notes

Caramel nose with vanilla-poached apricots on the palate, alongside orange fondant creams bathed in milk chocolate. Ginger spice as an end note.

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